Video: Bargaining 2015: Session 4

Tentative Agreement Celebration

Slideshow: Bargaining 2015 – Session 3

Bargaining 2015: Session 3

Slideshow: Bargaining 2015 – Session 2

[su_vimeo url=”″] Slideshow: Catch a glimpse of management and union negotiators hammering out shared interests, and get Total Health and Workplace Safety highlights.
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Slideshow: Bargaining 2015 – Session 1

[su_vimeo url=”″] Slideshow: See bargaining in action, with a special focus on preparing for the work of the future.
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Video: Bargaining 2015 – Kickoff

[su_vimeo url=”″] This three-minute video captures the spirit of the National Bargaining kickoff. Hear from the union members and managers who are sitting down together to create the next national agreement.
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